Sonntag, 26. Dezember 2010

What is Krauts Point of view?

Hi there!
This is a new blog informing you not just about what is happening in Germany but also about what Germans think about the news. And of course what I think about what I think about the happenings out there! Therefore this blog will be structured in two parts: One part will be the news how we in Germany get them. The second part will be a comment of myself to that topic. You might now be wondering why I am doing this? Well it is really easy: Media is never independent. Every national media serves you the news in a way as it fits best for your country. Only if we know what every nation is thinking about the news we surely know what really is happening in the world, what our government is really doing. Only ultimate information means true democracy!
Feel free to comment no matter where you are from if Britain, the US, Spain, Japan, Nigeria, China, Mexico, Brazil, Ghana or wherever.
Greetings Kraut

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  1. Hey Niklas!
    That sounds like an interesting idea! I hope you continue your work here.

    Greets Phil