Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

Better than the iPad?!

Hey Guys!
As I promised I'm here with a new topic. This series is called "Better than the iPad?!"

Most of you know the Apple iPad and a lot of you might like it. But I know as much people like it, as much hate it. And most of them have their reasons. In contrast to other devices it really sucks as the little nice picture shows:

So I'm looking for some nice alternatives to the Apple iPad but first of all you shall know the pros of the iPad. Two friends of mine have it so I'll report my personal experience:
The iPad is nice and easy to use. I almost never has problems with the touchscreen (if you clean it once in a while) and it's apps are stunning. Which is almost everything it's based on. The iPad is actually more a fun chill out toy/device and if you expect a laptop replacement you will be disappointed. It is good for reading such as ePapers or eBooks but not good for writing. No multi tasking is possible but most of the time it isn't really needed. The price is... let's say extraordinary. It varies from 499$ to 849$ (499€-799€ way more expensive!!!) and all you get is the iPad with or without 3G. The case is another 40 bucks (50€). The part that sucks most is that the 3G version is bound to a contract with verizon, Telekome, orange and so on... thats about 60€ per month for 2 years. So 1440€...
 So if you want a great toy and eBook reader get the iPad. Don't get the 3G contract thing. You'll mostly have a WiFi connection in a Bar which means internet for free. if you want to work with your ipad, forget about it and listen up!

In contrast to that I'll show you my personal favorit. I'm gonna buy that thing because it suits me perfectly. 
it is called the "WeTab". OK the name isn't that inventive but the device is pretty cool. 
First of all it has a SIM card slot, 2 USB ports, SD card slot (for extendable memory), and a webcam.  The SIM card slot is neat if you want mobile Internet and no it is not bound to any contract! You can also use a mobile Internet USB device which is cheaper! So it is brilliant for the work usage! Furthermore it is OpenSource so you can use OpenOffice and a huge variety of other apps. It can multi task, which is very neat! It also supports flash (in contrast to the iPad) so you can visit every Website, and almost every other needed format. It's resources are insane: 1GB RAM and 16 or 32 GB memory, extendable to 48-64GB + USB memory sticks. If you want you could have up to 100GB of memory. Click here for more informations.
It is availeble in stores like MediaMarkt in Germany and probably the rest of Europe and for all others: It can be ordered at amazone.com. BTW did I mention the price? 450-570€ with case and without contract! 
For me the best choice so far. Maybe I'll find something even better!
See you guys


  1. Oh man that last one looks like it's practically a computer (?) The only thing though, is unless it has one hell of an intuitive interface, I don't think any touchscreen device will ever be as productive as an actual laptop.

    Nice blog though, following! :D

  2. doesn't take much to be better than a big iphone that can't make calls

  3. Yeah I'm not a huge fan of Apple products in general so I'd steer clear.

    Don't forget to check and support often your local information hot-spot lifeformation.blogspot.com!

  4. As long as Apple patents don't mess up the UI.

  5. I would love to have a tablet, but they're way out of my price range.

  6. from what I've seen, the samsung galaxy tab is pretty nice

  7. I recall posting this on someone's blog who was discussing each of the current Tablets that are out. Blolz.


  8. I see what you mean. I mean, they tried to make BLUETOOTH look revolutionary a year ago! WTF?!
    nice blog dude.