Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

Self made Game+Game review (smG+Gr)

So I set in Math lesson and because I had nothing else to do I created the first and only analog Pac-Man.It is ade out of paper (yellow for the regular dots/points, purple for the ghost, and red for the cherry) and a lot of pens (for the maze). Pac-Man himself is a pair of scissors painted red. In order to play correctly you need at least two players, one who controls Pac-Man and one who controls the ghosts. But it isn't that playable yet. I hope you like my first self made Game+Game review and will come back for my second one. This one might be a little offensiv but you will see soon!
 BTW: Copyright by myself! But they are both CC so feel free to use either one!


  1. That ghost looks so funny! And this self made game looks great. I foresee a lot of fun being had whilst playing this game with a buddy or two!

  2. Cool, I like it! I simply sleep during math class :P

    By the way, just letting you know that you can't have both a copyright and CC license on content. Copyright says that no one can copy it without permission. Still, it's great to spread non-proprietary licenses! My entire blog is CC :)

  3. Sweet blog, following. Check mine out
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    Lol at your linkbucks ^_^

  4. Following all you guys! You have awesome blogs! But see my comments! Farewell bros!

  5. best was to spend a maths lesson lol

  6. Nice, math really couldn't be more boring

  7. A nice way to make math interesting, haha